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Educational advancement in the field of horticulture is paramount for the success of the industry in our state. NCNLA is committed to recognizing and supporting future horticulture industry leaders that thrive in these programs and embody promising potential for the future.

The Larry D. Edwards Memorial Scholarship Fund 

The Larry D. Edwards Memorial Scholarship was established in 2016 in memory of the founder of Turtle Creek Nursery in Davidson, NC and past president of both the North Carolina Association of Nurserymen and the Southern Nursery Association.

The Larry D. Edwards Memorial Scholarship is an opportunity for full-time students enrolled in 2 or 4-year horticulture programs in North Carolina to receive education financial assistance. The Scholarship identifies and rewards horticulture students who exemplify scholastic aptitude, positive attitude, and industry potential.

The mission of the NCNLA Scholarship Fund is: to support the continuing education needs of qualified horticultural and landscape students in the state of North Carolina through an annual scholarship program.

Applications are due to NCNLA Headquarters no later than June 1, 2019 at 5:00 P.M.


NCNLA has awarded scholarships to three students through this program for the 2016-2017 academic year. Each is a highly motivated and deserving individual who has demonstrated great promise for the future of the industry.



Elizabeth Carrigan

North Carolina State University

Major: Horticulture Science


Shelby Werner

North Carolina State University

Major: Horticulture Science


Sophia McCusker

North Carolina State University

Major: Horticulture Science

Minor: Ornamentals and Landscape Technology


Makayla White

Wilkes Community College

Major: Horticulture


Jacob Darrell Jones

North Carolina State University

Major: Horticulture


Upon Larry’s passing in late 2014, his colleagues throughout the industry pledged $2,500 to establish the Edwards Memorial Scholarship Fund. By resolution, the NCNLA Board has designated all contributions from Green & Growin’ Exhibitors towards supporting the Edwards Scholarship Fund.

The NCNLA Board of Directors wishes to thank the following Green & Growin’ 18 exhibitors for their contribution to the NCNLA Horticulture Scholarship Fund: 

2 Plant International
A & A Plants, Inc.
A.D.R Bulbs, Inc.
Aarons Creek Farms, Inc.
Acer Acres, Inc.
ACT Construction Equipment
Adcock's Nursery
After Hours Nursery, LLC
Angel Creek Nursery
Apex Nurseries, Inc.
Arbor Fields
Arborbrace Staking Systems, Inc.
Atlantic Irrigation
Atlas Manuafacturing
Autrusa, Inc.
A-V International
Back Road Farms
Bailey Nurseries, Inc.
Baker Environmental Nursery, Inc.
BASF Corporation
Baucom's Nursery
Bennett's Creek Nursery
Bentwood Farms
Big Frog Nursery
Biosafe Systems
Bison Compost, LLP
Blalock Machinery and Equipment Company, Inc.
Blankenship Farms & Nursery

Bobbex, Inc.
Bottoms Nursery, LLC
Boulder Design
Bouldin Nursery & Greenhouse
Brantley Nurseries
Breezy Acres Nursery
Brightside Bamboo
Brookshire & Associates
Brooksville Palms
Brunson Wholesale Nursery
Bryan Wagoner Tree Farm
Buds & Blooms Nursery
Buffalo Horticulture Sales
BWI Companies
Byron Lakeview Nursery, LLC
C and J Nursery
Cam Too Camellia Nursery, Inc.
Camellia Forest Nursery
Campbell Road Nursery, Inc.
Cape Fear Turf Farm, Inc.
Carolina Cat
Carolina Cedar Planters
Carolina Finest Fountains & Statuary
Carolina Golf Cars
Carolina Landscape Supplies, Inc.
Carolina Native Nursery
Carolina Perlite Company, Inc.
Casey Nursery, Inc.
Charleston Aquatic Nurseries
Charlie's Creek Nursery, Inc.
Cherokee Manufacturing
City Nursery Farm, Inc.
Clark's Liner Farm
Classic Groundcovers, Inc.
Cold Mountain Nursery
Colonial Acres Nursery/Outdoor Power Equipment
Commercial Pine Straw
Coor Farm Supply Service, Inc.
Cottage Hill Nursery
Country Ridge Nursery
Creekside Farms Nursery
Crumpler Plastic Pipe
Currins Nursery, Inc.
Curv-Rite, Inc.
Daddy Pete's Plant Pleaser
Davidson Farm
Davis Floral Company
Davis Insurance Agency
Day Lily Nursery, Inc.
Dayton Bag & Burlap
Devroomen Garden Products
Diddley Dadburn Tree Plantation
Ditch Witch of North Carolina
Dutchman Industries, Inc.
Eason Horticultural Resources, Inc.
Ecologel Solutions, LLC
Equipment Tracking Solutions
Evergreen Partners of Raleigh
Fair View Nursery, Inc.


Farm Credit Association
Faron Green Nursery
Five Star Turf
Flowerwood Nursery, Inc.
Foothills Compost
ForeverLawn of the Carolinas
Fowler's Nursery
Fraser Knoll
G&S Nursery
Gate City Power Equipment
Gilmore Plant & Bulb Co., Inc.
Glen Cole's Twin Cedars Nursery
Gold Hill Sales, Inc.
Goodson & Associates
Gossett's Landscape Nursery, Inc.
GPS Fleet Consulting
Gra-Mac Irrigation
Grants Creek Nursery, Inc.
Great Lakes Fastening
Green Biz Nursery & Landscaping, Inc.
Green Resource
Greenius by LS Training System
Greenleaf Nursery Co.
Greensboro Shrub Nursery
Greenscape Tools, Inc.
GreenSource Direct, Inc.
Greenthumb Nursery, LLC
Griffin Greenhouse & Nursery Supplies
Griffith Propagation Nursery, Inc.
Gutter Dome Mid Atlantic
H & H Farm Machine Co.
H.E. Anderson Company
Hackney Nursery
Haifa North America
Hamner Tree Farm
Hanes Geo Components
Harrell's Fertilizer, Inc.
Haviland Plastic Products
Hawkins Nursery, Inc.
Hawksridge Farms
Hefner's Nursery
Heritage Farms
Hibernia Nursery
Hickory Hill Nursery
High Country Nursery
Hoffman Nursery, Inc.
Homestead Nursery & Farm, LLC
I Must Garden
ICL Specialty Fertilizers
Iseli Nursery
ITB Co., Inc.
J & B Herb and Plant Farms
J. Frank Schmidt & Son Co.
Jackson Nursery
Jake A. Parrott Insurance Agency
James Greenhouses
James River Equipment Co, Inc.
Jericho Farms
JLPN, Inc.
John Holmlund Nursery
Johnson Nursery Corp.
Johnston County Nursery Marketing Association
Jones Insurance Agency, Inc.
JWD Trees, Inc.
K & M Nursery
K E A Growers
KCK Farms, LLC
Kenneth Myers and Sons Nursery
King-Hughes Fasteners
King's Greenhouse, Inc.
King's Sunset Nursery, Inc.
Kirk Davis Nursery
Knats Creek Nursery
L & H Enterprises
Lake Oconee Tree Farm
Lake Tree Growers
Lambert Peat Moss, Inc.
Lanes Creek Trees
Lathams Nursery, Inc.
Leinbachs, Inc.
Lemon Hole Nursery
Liberty Nursery, LLC
Lilley Farms & Nursery, Inc.
Liner Source, Inc.


Little River Nursery
Long Branch Farm Nursery
Long Pond Nursery
Low Falls Wholesale Nursery
LS Training System
Luck Stone Center
Lumber River Native Plants
Mack Bros. Landscape Nursery
Marian Gardens Tree Farm
Marlboro Bulb Company
McLamb Nursery, Inc.
Mellow Marsh Farm, Inc.
Mid-Atlantic Stihl
Miller's Ground Cover
Mineral Springs Ornamentals, LLC
Mize Farm and Garden
ML Irrigation Systems, Inc.
Moon's Tree Farm, Inc.
Native Forest Nursery
NC Farm Bureau
NC Pine Needle Producers Assn.
Nelson Nursery
Netherland Bulb Company, Inc.
Neuse Plant and Bark, Inc.
Next To Nature Landscape Design, Inc.
Nicholson Farms
North 40 Nursery, Inc.
North American Nursery, Inc.
North Carolina Composting Council
Nufarm Americas, Inc.
Nursery Supplies, Inc.
NurserySouth, LLC
Old Courthouse Nursery
Oldcastle Adams Products, Inc.
Oldcastle Lawn & Garden
Pack Manufacturing Company, Inc.
PAK Unlimited, Inc.
Palmetto Vermiculite
Panter & Sunderland Nursery
Panther Creek Nursery
Parker Bark Co., Inc.
Parsons Nursery, Inc.
Pattillo Tree Farm, Inc.
Pender Nursery, Inc.
Pennington Seed
Performance Outdoor Products
Piedmont Carolina Nursery
Piney Mountain Tree Farm
Plant & Supply Locator
Plantworks Nursery, Inc.
Poplar Ridge Nursery, LLC
Poverty Hill Nursery
Powell's Nursery, LLC
Premier Growers, Inc.
Prichard's Nursery Equipment, LLC
Pritchett Farms Nurseries
Pro Green, Inc.
Puckett Greenhouses, LLC
R.A. Dudley Nurseries, Inc.
Rainbow Trees
Ralph Modlin Farm
Ray Bracken Nursery, Inc.
Reaves Nursery Farm, LLC
Reddick Equipment Company of NC, LLC
Rhodes Nursery
Rimol Greenhouse Systems
Riverbend Nursery, LLC
River's Edge Nursery, LLC
Riverside Plastics, Inc.
Robert M. Gragg & Sons Nursery
Robinson Nursery
Roger Coffey & Sons Nursery, Inc.
RootMaker Products Co, LLC
Rose Creek Nursery and Landscaping
Roundstone Native Seed, LLC
Rusty Mangrum Nursery
S & J Greens
S Squared Green Goods
Sampson Nursery, Inc.


Sandhills Community College
Sandy's Plants, Inc.
Saunders Brothers
Scott Stone, Inc.
SePRO Corporation
Sester Farms, Inc.
Shady Grove Plantation & Nursery, Inc.
Shady Rest Nursery
Shenandoah Stone Supply Co.
Shiloh Nursery
Simpson Nurseries
SiteLight LD, Inc.
Smith's Nursery, Inc.
Southeast Ladder Company
Southeastern Growers
Southern Ag
Southern Stone Supply
Southern Touch Landscaping, LLC
Specialty Converting and Supply
Specialty Tag & Label, Inc.
Spivey's Nursery, Inc.
Spring Creek Nursery
Spring Meadow Nursery, Inc.
Springdale Water Gardens
SRW Products
Stalite Environmental (PermaTill)
Star Roses/The Conard Pyle Co.
Starling Nursery
Steve Myers and Son Nursery
STI Turf Care Equipment
Stockhaven Nursery, LLC
Stony Point Nursery and Farms
Stover Manufacturing
Stuppy Greenhouse
Sugar Mountain Nursery
Sun Gro Horticulture, Inc.
Superior Greenery
Swift Creek Nursery
T.H. Blue, Inc.
Taylor's Nursery, Inc.
Tedder Nursery
Tennessee Valley Nursery, Inc.
The Greenhouse Company of SC, LLC
The Holly Factory
The Perennial Farm
Three Volcanoes Farm, LLC
Thumb's Up Nursery
Tidwell Nurseries, Inc.
Tiftuf Turf
Tinga Nursery, Inc.
Todco Inc.
Tom Dodd Nurseries, Inc.
Tom Landreth Greenhouses
Topiary Creations, Inc.
Transplant Nursery, Inc.
Tree Equipment Design, Inc.
Tri Est Irrigation
Triad Irrigation & Landscape Supply
Triangle Turf & Ornamental
Tri-State Distributors, Inc.
Tupper Tree Farm
Turf Mountain Sod, Inc.
Turner & Sons Nursery
Turtle Creek Nursery, Inc.
UpShoot, LLC
V&G Topiary Nursery
Valley View Nursery
Van Belle Nursery, Inc.
Vandemark Farms, LLC
Vans Pines Nursery
Vereens Turf Products
Vermeer Mid Atlantic, LLC
Wagoner's Nursery, LLC
Walnut Hill Farms
Walters Gardens, Inc.
Warren County Nursery
Waynesboro Nurseries, Inc.
Weeks Roses
Weigel Farms
Wetland Plants, Inc.
White House Gardens
Windmill Nursery of Louisiana
Windy Acres Nursery, Inc.
Woodard's Farms & Nursery
Wyatt-Quarles Seed Company


If you are an individual, company or organization that wishes to discuss the establishment of a named scholarship endowment, please contact NCNLA Executive Vice President Rick Lawhun at (919) 816-9119, or by email at