Your Growth is OUR Business

WE are YOUR Trend Seeker

Whether through our bi-weekly Enewsletter, our quarterly magazine, Nursery & Landscape Notes, or our workshops and educational classes provided at the Green & Growin' show, we keep you on top of the latest industry trends.

WE are YOUR Community Keeper

Getting fresh, new ideas, having access to valuable opportunities and relationships, advice, support and new information is what being involved in  your industry is all about. The numerous networking opportunities that we provide to you and your peers is priceless. There is more to gain than just a day away from the job site! 

WE are YOUR Bureaucracy Breaker

 Be heard in Washington and Raleigh on legislation and regulations that affect your business. Being partnered with the NC Green Industry Council means that when important issues like labor and immigration, irrigation rights or the latest on sales tax laws arise, we are your source to keep you up to date every issue through the member portal on our website or the eBlasts that are sent out for updates.

WE are YOUR Future Maker

The future of the green industry starts with our young adults and continues through to the top industry leaders. NCNLA offers scholarships, certifications and support to the NALP  Student Career Days to make sure the future of this industry is on top of it's game. New product development is in full force to provide superior  new plants to the market giving our NC nurseries and landscapers invaluable marketing opportunities. Be sure to order your Little Ruby(TM) Dogwood Cornus 'NCCH1' PPAF or Carolina Sweetheart(TM) Redbud Cercis 'NCCC1' PPAF today! Enhance professionalism and create opportunities for career advancement by receiving one of the Certifications NCNLA has have to offer.  - members always receive discounts when registering.

WE are YOUR Market Booster

Promote your products and services at a discounted rate and  highlight your business through the many avenues we offer. More than 20,000 companies annually visit our online Buyer's Guide, List  your products or services at a discounted price and be the one they go to for their products! Advertise in our member exclusive Nursery & Landscape Notes magazine and bi-weekly eNews that are sent to all of our NCNLA members and are available only to members through your member portal, Green & Growin' showbook that is seen by thousands of potential buyer's at the annual Green & Growin' show and our website Stand out amongst your peers! With the help from Grant Funding, NCNLA has promoted your products and services nationally- from online and magazine advertising, billboards, truck wraps and plant tags to consumer websites. We continue to push forward with more ways to help you get in front of new customers.

WE are YOUR Solution Finder

Being a member of NCNLA allows you to receive top-notch educational classes at a discounted price. Keep  your skills up to date and build your industry knowledge. The educational sessions offered at the Green & Growin' show are where top industry leaders and educators gather to inform you about all the hot topics you need to know about.  Need CEUs? The Green & Growin' show is your one stop shop to earn credits towards your Pesticide License, Irrigation License, Landscape Architect, Arborist Licenses, Landscape Industry Certified (CLT), and the newly required Landscape License.

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Membership Levels

Regular Member
$175 - Base membership for the year; includes everyone at the company location.

Silver Member
$225 - Annual Base membership plus a $25 donation towards the NCNLA Horticulture Research Fund and $25 towards the NCNLA Beacon Fund (Advocacy).

Gold Member
$275 - Annual Base membership plus a $50 donation towards the NCNLA Horticulture Research Fund and $50 towards the NCNLA Beacon Fund (Advocacy).

Platinum Member
$375 - Annual Base membership plus a $100 donation towards the NCNLA Horticulture Research Fund and $100 towards the NCNLA Beacon Fund (Advocacy).

NCNLA Member Dues are Partially Tax-Deductibe
Contributions or gifts to NCNLA are not tax deductible as charitable contributions. However, they may be tax deductible as ordinary business expenses. A portion of your dues is not deductible as an ordinary business expense to the extent that NCNLA engages in lobbying. The estimated non-deductible portion of your dues assessment is 20%.